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re: Re: Application


Hey Nazex, thanks for the consideration. I'll be sure to fix those gearing issues, have just been playing around with a few new pieces of gear on training dummies and havn't optimized completely yet, but I'll be on top of it. I understand your concerns with me only downing 3 heroic bosses this tier, but I am a quick learner and do appreciate the trial and understand if on progression I'm not up to standard.

Thanks, bonesy


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re: APPROVED - App: bonesym8 - by Slamfist


First of all, I looked over some of your recent parses and though they are Normal fights, you seem to be pulling about what I'd expect to see.

My largest concern comes with you not having any heroic experience this tier, and no real raiding experience this expansion before that.  We are a 10/14 guild looking to start pushing into some of the more difficult fights in SoO and are looking for players who are capable of doing that.  

Gearing, you are above the hit and expertise caps which could have been fixed with some simple adjustments.  That being said, you seem to know your rotation and class well.  I'm all for trialing you, but I can't guarantee a spot during progression fights if your dps lags behind.  

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re: App: bonesym8

The application submitted by bonesym8 is as follows:

Character Name, Class, Primary Spec, Secondary Spec:
bonesylad , death knight , frost , blood

Post a link to your Armory profile. Log out in your raid gear. If your spec on the Armory is not your raid spec, provide a link. (Applications without this link will be automatically denied.):

Please provide your battletag or realid.:

Provide a link to or post a screenshot or video of your raiding UI.:

What are your past guild affiliation(s) for this character and why did you leave?:
THE DRUNKIN MONKEY, left due to raid leader disbanding the team, few people were holding behind progress and the issue wasn't being addressed which
led to frustration among raiders.

What raid experience do you have for all expansions you have played?:
First raiding experience was ZG and Molten Core in vanilla on a lvl 60 prot warrior. Majority of Cataclysm, a little of BC and WotLK, and the later raids in the most recent expansion.

SnD is not always a kid-friendly guild. Will you be able to tolerate profanity on Mumble? How well can you be held accountable for your actions should you screw up? If the raid leader calls you out mistakenly?:
I'm all for constructive criticism as it is the only way to improve, profanity is no issue

Do you have any real life commitments that will confilct with out scheduled raids?:
No, raid times do not conflict at all unless in extreme circumstances or uni exams once a year.

Please post a raid parse.:
Not sure on how to do this at the moment, can email at a later date if required

What are your strong points when it comes to raiding?:
Communication, able to take criticism, rarely make the same mistake twice. vast knowledge of class and fights.

What is at least one aspect of your play that you would like to improve?:
Need to improve on lining up cooldowns with trinket procs, and better use of Anti Magic Zone during magic damage encounters.

We ask that our applicants have some knowledge of her or his class. Please answer the following according to your spec/class. Please be detailed.

Please explain your main spec. Give your secondary stat priority. Please give us details on your rotation and your situational abilities. Specific examples are always welcome.:
As a DW frost DK, stat priority is hit/expertise to 7.5, followed by mastery > crit > haste. Haste has become useless due to plague leech now refreshing 2 runes instead of 1, and blood tap macroing never leaving you rune starved. anti magic shell soaking and the abundance of making damage fights in SoO have also made haste become useless, as runic power starvation is never an issue, and usually the opposite is so. The rotation now is howling blast on all frost/death runes, and spending unholy runes asap on plague strike and DnD. Obliterate is now not worth to use as spending 1 unholy and 1 frost/death rune is much better spent on a howling blast and a DnD/plague strike to maximize DPS. Especially so as mastery becomes more abundant. Blood tapping should be done at <11 stacks and as necessary when rune starved, the same goes for plague leech. leading to a rotation of simply howling blasts, and spending unholy runes asap as to refresh them into death runes using blood tap as they now take priority. Killing machine procs are also used on frost strike, and cooldowns such as pillar of frost and summon ghoul should be lined up with pre pots and trinket procs to maximize burst and damage.

What other information do you feel we should know? Please feel free to be creative.:
I've played a death knight since there release in WotLK and have a vast knowledge of the class and how to maximize it's DPS. I've played this game since vanilla and have a great understanding of it's mechanics. I'm also looking to join with a resto shaman who is at around the same ilvl as me, who has an enhance spec and ele spec also, who was in the previous guild as me and who is a very capable player.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> 2x a Month
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> 2x a Month
Saturday -> 2x a Month
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