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re: APPROVED - App: onima420 - by Slamfist


Having a 2nd disc would be a huge bonus. Gear isnt too bad, parses are pretty low imo. I think we can trial this app at least for some of the farm content to evaluate the potential.


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re: APPROVED - App: onima420 - by Slamfist



I'll be honest, I'm skeptical partly because you have no experience in heroic content this tier, but also because aside from 1-2 fights, your parses are very low.  I admit they were a while ago, and gear can certainly change that, but as you have no parses since then, that's all I have to go on.  

I don't see any issue in a trial in either farm raids or a flex though.  I know we currently have a disc in raid already, it's a bit up to the healers if they want to have two, I can't say I know much about which classes stack well in healer comps.

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re: App: onima420

The application submitted by onima420 is as follows:

Character Name, Class, Primary Spec, Secondary Spec:

Post a link to your Armory profile. Log out in your raid gear. If your spec on the Armory is not your raid spec, provide a link. (Applications without this link will be automatically denied.):

Please provide your battletag or realid.:

Provide a link to or post a screenshot or video of your raiding UI.:
Not sure how to

What are your past guild affiliation(s) for this character and why did you leave?:
Benn on thunderhorn server for about 2 years.Small server of 700.Xfered here and made my own guild but things haven't been the best on recruiting.Reason why I left thunderhorn was because we lost a OT and was very hard to get a person to xfer to a dead server.

What raid experience do you have for all expansions you have played?:
Ive raided just about everything in this game.Minus the first naxx before burning crusade.

SnD is not always a kid-friendly guild. Will you be able to tolerate profanity on Mumble? How well can you be held accountable for your actions should you screw up? If the raid leader calls you out mistakenly?:
O yes

Do you have any real life commitments that will confilct with out scheduled raids?:
Shouldn't be much of a problem.Im married with 2 kids so im a homebody.I work 8-4:30 server and kids in bed right at raid time.Have noproblem doing 100% raid attendance.

Please post a raid parse.:
none at the time

What are your strong points when it comes to raiding?:
Being a quick learner.With doing more heroic raiding over normal mode raiding,Your forced to be a quick learner or back to the looking for guild channel.I always look for ways to improve my rotation per fight with them allowing us to change our talents at netime.Disc priests can bring a big help to the raid if done right and I proud myself in saying that I do.

What is at least one aspect of your play that you would like to improve?:
Being more vocial when using my raid cooldowns.I tend to use them as I see fit and why that might work most the time,Sometimes it doesn't.Knowing before hand if were setting a solid rotation will help me.

We ask that our applicants have some knowledge of her or his class. Please answer the following according to your spec/class. Please be detailed.

Please explain your main spec. Give your secondary stat priority. Please give us details on your rotation and your situational abilities. Specific examples are always welcome.:
Disc priest bring a nice Boost to the healing and dps for a raid make-up.Having the ability to dps and in return does damage to a boss and heals at the same time is a nice feature.I look at disc as 1 min windows.For the 10 secs my main cooldowns are up its , spirirtshell my groups with PoH till I get the right stacks I want.Most cases in 1 man it was 3 per group.Soon as that fades,Its back to my dps healing rotation.Ive come to learn I wont top every meter per fight but the feature that sets me apart from the "Pure Healers" is my added dps in the mix.

Please do the same as above for your PVE off spec.:
Shadow is a foreign and distance spec for me.Use it to farm mats if disc cant handle it.With the right gear and upgrades to it,Id like to learn how to be a good spriest.Ive always preferred the healing over the shadow as shadow priests seem very low on this xpac.

What other information do you feel we should know? Please feel free to be creative.:
Im a hardcore Memphis grizzlies bball fan.I do smoke cig's so being able to have a smokebreak here n there n raid is nice.

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Don't Know
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always
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