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re: App: xyleem

The application submitted by xyleem is as follows:

Character Name, Class, Primary Spec, Secondary Spec:
Xyleem prim=resto secondary=enhance+elemental

Post a link to your Armory profile. Log out in your raid gear. If your spec on the Armory is not your raid spec, provide a link. (Applications without this link will be automatically denied.):

Please provide your battletag or realid.:

Provide a link to or post a screenshot or video of your raiding UI.:

What are your past guild affiliation(s) for this character and why did you leave?:
Past raiding for this tier I was in DRUNKIN MONKEYS 10m guild. We went 3/14 HM with 6/14 experience. The guild recently fell apart due to an immature Raid leader/Guild leader.

What raid experience do you have for all expansions you have played?:
I raided all through cataclysm (firelands+ a bit of DS) I was in a guild that started heroic progression. I then returned in MoP to start raiding through SoO and thats where I am at now.

SnD is not always a kid-friendly guild. Will you be able to tolerate profanity on Mumble? How well can you be held accountable for your actions should you screw up? If the raid leader calls you out mistakenly?:
I can handle criticism easily

Do you have any real life commitments that will confilct with out scheduled raids?:
No, nothing other then work. but that is on a roster and won't interfere.

Please post a raid parse.:
Not sure what this is

What are your strong points when it comes to raiding?:
I rarely make mistakes and I do my job well. I'm not saying I'm the best healer on the server but I do my job above average and am willing to work into any comp and bring what the raid needs regardless of what numbers I want to reach.

What is at least one aspect of your play that you would like to improve?:
elemental dps

We ask that our applicants have some knowledge of her or his class. Please answer the following according to your spec/class. Please be detailed.

Please explain your main spec. Give your secondary stat priority. Please give us details on your rotation and your situational abilities. Specific examples are always welcome.:
Resto shaman is my MS, I have alot of raid cd's that can work really well to top raids off. I always have riptide on cd and use HW to keep mana consumption low. I'll use healing rain in large raid wide damage and spam chain heal with riptide on as many people as possible. my secondary stat is crit as I feel mastery doesn't play well with pally/disc preists because most of the raid will never be low. I'll play either enhance or elemental, which ever the raid team needs enhance main stat is mastery/agi and elemental is mastery/int/haste. In my old guild I would dps with enhance around 11/14 so I'm really familiar with the way enhance works.

Please do the same as above for your PVE off spec.:
I'll play either enhance of elemental. at the moment I'm more comfortable with enhance but I am almost finished gearing elemental. which ever the team wants. enhance is all about using maelstrom weapon at 4/5 stacks and using cd's correctly to reach high bursts of damage and maintaning good dps

What other information do you feel we should know? Please feel free to be creative.:
I have applied with a frost dk 564 ilvl for your 25m raid team. Thankyou

Application Availability Info:
Sunday -> Always
Monday -> Always
Tuesday -> Always
Wednesday -> Always
Thursday -> Always
Friday -> Always
Saturday -> Always

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re: APPROVED - App: xyleem - by Slamfist


This app needs some Grell input.

In all seriousness, we have in my opinion the best shaman healer I've ever played with in our raid group already, and I don't know our healer needs at this moment.  That being said, I'm wondering how comfortable with Elemental dps you are, as we recently lost our Ele shaman.  As for as going Enhance, I'd recommend you talk to High Lord Joru and we can get some feedback from him about your overall grasp of Enhancement

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re: Xyleem re:


Okay that is fine. like I said in the application, I'm willing to adapt to the raid teams needs. If you want to me play elemental I can. I have a UI set up and gear almost complete. all I'm waiting on is trinkets. I'll put my head down and master the elemental shaman. I do know that both specs are hybrids and for people that know how to use the shaman can help the raid alot with healing ect. that being said I do know alot about that aspect but I'm sure there is room for improvement.

I'm sure there is plenty I can learn off of the shamans you already have in your group. and I am willing to take notes!


Thanks for the consideration.

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